Minarik Diablo

This outrageous guitar was designed and made by Minarik Guitars, and is actually one of their more restrained designs. This one was built in the World Guitar factory, Korea around 2006 and is one of only 30 made in this colour. This ‘Honeyburst’ was exclusive to the UK.

I acquired it through eBay at a very good price but it was damaged in transit:

While I can make pretty complex guitars, repair work is a different field and not something I’m experienced in. Fortunately I work just down the road from JayDee guitars, and John Diggins was able to make a very good repair. You would have to look very closely to know that it had been damaged.

It came with Seymour Duncan pickups – a JB and a Jazz. The Jazz was OK but I really didn’t like the JB. It had a pair of Bill Lawrence L-500s for a while and sounded great but they didn’t look right. Eventually I decided on a pair of DiMarzios – a PAF Joe and a Mo’ Joe. They suit the guitar perfectly, both in looks and in sound.