Nashville Telemaster

OK, I confess I went a bit mad here. I love the shape of the Jazzmaster and the way that it’s really comfortable to play sitting down. I really don’t love the over-complicated switching and the weird vibrato. You can tell me how well it works all day – it just looks wrong.

I like making hybrids, so why not use the Jazzmaster body shape and fit it with different hardware? While I’m at it, why not paint it Shell Pink and really draw attention to myself?!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Nashville Telemaster. Or should it be the TeleStratomaster? Nah. Adding ‘Nashville’ to the name gives it more mojo.

The body is two-piece alder, neck maple and fingerboard rosewood. I originally used a neck with a tree-of-life inlay, but it was a bit much even for me:

That neck is now on the Staccato Mamba, where it’s a lot happier.

The middle and neck pickups are Tonerider Classic Blues. They really have that Strat twang without overdoing it like full-on vintage pickups can. Think Hendrix and SRV and you’ll be about right. The bridge pickup is a Tonerider Hot Classic. I like this pickup – a very full sound with plenty of bite but not toppy or icepicky.

I briefly tried it with a Seymour Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge, which was insane, and also a Little ’59, which was really good, but ultimately I felt the humbucking pickups strayed from the purity of the original idea.

This guitar is currently for sale at One Way Music in Wolverhampton.