Myrtlewood Tele Build

I started the build of this guitar at around the same time as I discovered digital cameras, so there are a few pictures of the build phase. Not as many as I’d take now, but at least I have something to show what it looks like inside.

Here’s the body. Swamp ash with a Myrtlewood top. That’s the natural colour of the timber with no staining or tints. Note that I’ve routed the neck pocket large enough for a full-sized humbucker, and I’ve also included space for a middle pickup if required.

I haven’t documented many truss rod fits, so here is how I do it. I always install my rods from the fretboard side. I prefer double-acting rods with plastic heatshrink on. I know some people believe them to be the work of the devil, but my truss rods work and don’t stick to the inside of neck. A bit of plastic tube isn’t going to make blind bit of difference to the tone of the guitar.