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Welcome to Bedlam Guitars, home of custom-made electric guitars.

We also specialise in modifications and upgrades to existing guitars such as refrets, pickup changes, rewiring and nut replacement. This can improve the sound and playability of a mid-priced guitar like an Epiphone or Gretsch Electromatic to a point where it rivals a much more expensive instrument.


  1. I also discovered my tunamatic style bridge on my Gretsch Malcy project wasn’t accurate either. I’m choosing a simple compensated Junior style bridge so I moved the position towards the neck by 5 mm and incorporated a slant (as on the Juniors). I looked at the prospect of adding the zero nut but concluded the surgery wasn’t worth it.My one will also be an amalgam of various years in Firebird red with all holes plugged, single Filtertron and compensator bridge,black back and neck. RIP Malcy,the King.

    • Hi, Geoff. Thanks for dropping by my page. I’d love to see how your MY turns out. I did think about getting another and making it a ‘proper’ replica with all the extra holes, studs and the strange ‘Bishop’s Helmet’ blanking plate over the vibrato mounting hole. Maybe if the right guitar turns up. Your red version will be different and interesting.

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